Dary’s Vision

Dary’s Main Objectives:

  *   Providing humanitarian support and assistance for the needy people in Iraq
  *   Ensuring easy access to essential healthcare services in humanitarian settings
  *   Creating livelihood opportunities for the people in need through its programs, projects, and activities.
  *   Collaborating with the governmental and private sector in terms of providing primary, secondary, and tertiary health services and livelihood activities
  *   Contributing to health system strengthening in the region
  *   Build orphanages and other care centers for the elderly and those who do not have a breadwinner.


Dary works in direct coordination with the International Health Department and the Ministry of Health. As well as other relevant government departments, universities, colleges, and trade unions to ensure the safety and professionalism of the organization’s services.

There is eligibility for everyone to join “Dary” so long as they abide by our rules of procedure, fill out the membership form, and pledge to abide by the obligations of the Organization, which will ensure them basic rights according to national laws; these rights include family members as well.